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We are happy to present a translation of a brilliant article written by Dr Josef Jonas on the topic of ADHD.

ADHD, ADD, OCD are the disorders that affect people of all ages. According to ADHD Institute ( meta-regression analyses have estimated the worldwide ADHD/HKD prevalence at between 5.29% and 7.1% in children and adolescents, and at 3.4% (range 1.2–7.3%) in adults. The prevalence of ADHD in very young children (aged <6 years) or later in adult life (aged >44 years) is less well studied. 

These are quit large numbers. 

ADHD, ADD, OCD are brain disorders and detoxification can play a very positive role in their treatment. We hope to spread this information to as many people as possible, as suffering such disorder is taking away life that could be lived differently not only from the sufferers, but the ones closest to them as well. 

Please feel free to download and share the article here

The original article in the Czech language can be found here:

JoalisInfo Bulletin, issue 6/16


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