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Welcome to the world of gentle detoxification by Joalis. Welcome to the world, where balance may be restored yet again.

Modern lifestyle, especially the life in the big cities, seems to be pushing the boundaries of what the human body is able to withstand. Polluted environment, questionable quality of food, constant rush, ever present noise, stress and growing demands to perform. Human body is highly sofisticated organism. It can cope with very complex issues via its own intelligent built-in processes, but… there are limits to everything. When it comes to our health it may be wise not to push the limits too much. If we want to maintain good health and feeling of well being  we need to support our body in its everyday regenerative activities. Movement and healthy diet, not according to modern trends, but according to what our own body really requires. Willingness to look at our own psychological problems and emotional needs, supplementation as a support of body’s self-cleansing and toxin elimination processes. This all can make a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves and our life.

Movement, diet and psyche is something everyone needs to actively take care of. When it comes to supplementation, Joalis preprations can be of help. They are designed to assist the body to cleanse itself of toxins and strengthen its immune system.

Let us introduce you a gentle detoxification programme in six comprehensive steps. The programme is logically designed to ensure the gradual elimination of toxins from the body and psyche. Each set of preparations is to be taken in the course of one month, so the inner cleanse of the body can be completed within six months. 

1. PSYCHE – THE KEY TO A GOOD HEALTH (Emotional Stress Set)

A set designed to release emotional and stress burdens.

Before we begin with detoxification of physical toxins, it is very important to release the emotional and stress toxin burdens. They are often the cause of accumulation of physical toxins in the body. Our state of mind is very much reflected in our physical health. Emotions, our thoughts, feelings, the way we perceive everyday situations and react to them, our own insecurities, fears and douts. It all affects how well our body works. Fragility of human psyche is well documented, therefore our first step is to help psyche to unload and handle everyday life with greater ease.  

Preparations: Nodegen, Emoce, Streson, Anxinex 


A set designed to detoxify the intestinal microflora and intestinal toxins

The basic prerequisite for a correct functioning of a body and its immune system is optimal composition of the intestinal microflora, the so-called intestinal symbiosis. Healthy intestinal microflora contains a community of millions of microorganisms with many different functions. If the balance in this community is disturbed, harmful microorganisms begin to multiply. They increase production of their own toxins, and become one of the causes of poor food digestion and other physical diseases. There are many causes of dysbiosis (disruption of intestinal microflora), but decisive moment seems to be the encounter of the intestine with antibiotics that are present not only in pharmaceuticals but also in foods, meat, or water. For overall feeling of well being it is more then important to restore the intestinal symbiosis, and that is the aim of the second step of our detox adventure.

Preparations: ColiDren, Mezeg, Enternal, NeuroDren, Cortex


A set designed to detoxify inorganic and organic toxins.

Exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, pesticides, food additives, medicines, drugs or mycotoxins contained in food. These are just some examples of substances that enter our body through the air we breathe, water we drink and the foods we consume. Many of these substances may not only be harmful, but actually dangerous to us. That's why it is important to support our body's own elimination abilities, and release these toxins as quickly as possible. 

Preparations: MindDren, EviDren, PEESDren, Geosmog


A set designed to address chronic infections.

Most of us know it well: cold, cough and sore throat in autumn, reocurring stomach or bladder problems, or other similar health issues. Behind each of them, there is always a certain type of infection hidden,  which under favourable conditions breaks out again and again. Antibiotics are only a temporary solution; the insidious microbe hides again, only to torment us once more at the next available opportunity. Joalis preparations are designed to direct the immune system at these infectious agents and eliminate them. 

Preparations: Diamino, Spirobor, Nobacter, Antivex, Yeast


A set designed for the detoxification of harmful foods and metabolites.

Even if your metabolism works without any obvious problems, certain foods may not be processed properly and their residues are stored in the body. This applies not only to fats but also to meat, milk, floury foods and sugar. It is very difficult to eliminate them. Controlling your diet will not address this problem. Diet is important in the sense of limiting the intake of unsuitable foods, so its metabolites are no longer stored. Unique design of Joalis preparations, however, can activate and expel even the older deposits. 

The detoxification programme usually inspires us to contemplate on our eating habits and adjust to what our body really requires. The main principle is a varied diet with a balanced intake of proteins, fats, lipids and carbohydrates.

Preparations: Cortex, Metabex, Metabol, Toxigen


A set designed for the detoxification of bodily fluids.

This detoxification step is based on the humoral theory of the ancient doctor Hippocrates. His bodily fluids (humours) are actually all the fluids which circulate in the human body. Besides blood and lymphatic fluid, they include urine, bile, cerebrospinal fluid, tears, saliva, the mucus which covers the mucous membranes of all bodily systems, and other fluids. We can find toxins, microorganisms or foreign substances of organic or inorganic origin in all of them. These fluids are being renewed gradualy, so the old and new fluids are constantly mixing together thus infecting each other repeatedly. Our goal is to cleanse the bodily fluids from  these toxic burdens, thus disrupt this vicious circle.

Preparations: Hipp, Harmon, Digest, Non-grata

If you are facing specific health problems please visit Joalis detoxification advisor who can also with the help of a EAV testing device determine the particular toxic burden and offer appropriate detoxification treatment. 

If need be, you can discontinue taking the preparations for time period. Eg. if you're going on a business trip or vacation and do not wish to bring the preparations with you, you can stop taking them and resume upon your return. Please follow the usage and storage instructions on the packaging.


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