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Dr Josef Jonas

Dr Josef Jonas

Dr Jonas and the Method of Managed and Controlled Detoxification.

Dr Josef Jonas is a well known Czech pioneer, researcher and innovator in the field of natural medicine. He is a creator of the Method of Controlled and Managed detoxification and avid promoter of modern trends in natural medicine.

Dr Jonas graduated as the Doctor of Medicine from Charles University in 1969. During the following two decades of medical practice he came to realise that by focusing on treatment of specific illnesses, modern medicine neglected the wider aspects of human health. He became increasingly aware that the preventative and holistic approach to health, that was so central to traditional medicines, played relatively minor role in Western healthcare.

He studied traditional Chinese, Indian and European medicines. Over the centuries they have developed  comprehensive approach to maintaining and restoring vitality and health and have stood the tests of the millennia. By early 1990s Dr Jonas published several books on the subject of the traditional and natural medicine and has become avid propagator of traditional medicine as a complement to modern Western medicine. He founded a company named Joalis to manufacture natural food supplements and he has been training therapists to administer them. 

"Illnesses often arise from external (environmental), internal (emotional) and miscellaneous (diet, stress) disturbances. When toxins are introduced beyond the body's ability to deal with them, its natural balance is disrupted. As each body and each person are different they need to be treated individually." says Dr Josef Jonas.

Dr Josef Jonas developed the process to measure excess toxins in the body. His unique method of inner cleansing uses EAV  testing and proprietary software which enables therapists to customize the choice of Joalis detoxification preparations to individual needs of a client.

Over the last two decades Dr Jonas' detoxification method has grown in popularity and is now offered by therapists in the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech republic, Slovakia and Chile.

Currently, Doctor Josef Jonas, aside from his work with the clients, dedicates his time primarily to further research in the field of detoxification and controlled inner cleansing and the development of new preparations. He regularly publishes his findings on the web pages of the Joalis info bulletin and other magazines; he hosts lectures and seminars both for the public as well as therapists who practice his method.

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Books by Dr Josef Jonas:

Pozor sůl (2016, Jiří Kuchař and Miroslav Légl, co-authors)

Tvoje strava je tvůj osud (2015, Jiří Kuchař, co-author)
Tak chutná štěstí (2014, Jiří Kuchař, co-author)
Svět přírodních antibiotik - Tajné zbraně rostlin (2014, Jiří Kuchař, co-author)
Zdraví v ohrožení - Hořká pravda o sladkém cukru (2013, Jiří Kuchař, co-author)
Kde končí duše a začína tělo (2008)
Jonášova kuchařka pro zdraví (2006)
Praktická detoxikace podle MUDr. Josefa Jonáše (2004)
Jonášův průvodce zdravou kuchyní (1996, Mgr. Margit Slimáková, co-author)
Tajenky života – Od teorie k praxi (1996)
Tajenky života – Dveře stále otevřené (1996)
Přírodní léčba pro ženy (1995, Rosemary Gladstarová, co-author)
Křížovka života (1990, 1996, 1997, 2004)
Věčně zelené naděje (1990, Josefem A. Zentrich, co-author)
Makrobiotická kuchyně (1991)

Books written about Dr Josef Jonas:

Vzestupy a pády českého hippokrata by Petr Čermák (2005)






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