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About us

About us

Joalis s.r.o.

Joalis s.r.o., a limited company, has since its establishment in 1999 been involved in the production of biological information preparations. During the company's tenth anniversary, we took the opportunity to transfer the production of preparations from the leased areas in Ústí nad Labem to the newly built production plant in Stará Huť u Dobříše. The new manufacturing facility meets all modern requirements for quality and production volume. Its location in an environment full of natural as well as cultural sites additionally supplements the firm’s philosophy.

The company administration center and editor’s office of the information bulletin Joalis info is located in Prague at the street Orlická.

Preparations from the Joalis firm are manufactured under the protected trademarks Joalis, Abelia, and Joalis Help. They are currently distributed by means of local distributors in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, France and Romania. We are planning on expanding the market into further countries in the future.


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Detoxification for everyone

This new educational project is intended for all fans of managed and controlled detoxification. Familiarize yourself with current trends in caring for your health.

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