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How to detoxify

How to detoxify

Clean your body

Have you decided to take your health into your own hands and begin detoxifying? Do you need advice on how to begin?

Decide which of the following alternatives best suits you:

1. You will become a so-called family therapist (i.e. your own therapist as well as your family's).

  • In the Education section you can learn about the detoxification procedures appropriate for your family. The texts that you will find here are written in an easy to understand way and are accessible for a broad audience.
  • Order selected preparations in the e-shop.

2. Place your hands in the care of an experienced detoxifying advisor.

  • Select an accredited therapist based on your place of residence and make an appointment.
  • The first visit requires more time, approximately 45 minutes. During this visit, the therapist will measure your toxic stress using the EAV machine and determine the appropriate Joalis preparations.
  • One treatment lasts approximately 4–6 weeks. After it has been completed, the therapist evaluates the effect of the detoxification and recommends the subsequent procedure. Several detoxification treatments are generally needed.
  • Detoxification requires an essential modification on one's dieting habits and an analysis of the causes of chronic stress.
  • Detoxification, under the supervision of a professional, will achieve superior results.
  • For a list of accredited detoxification centers contact your distributor or write us.

3. Become a professional detoxification therapist.

  • The training of future professional therapists is achieved through a system of connected courses, provided by our distributors.

If you wish to purchase a specific preparation, contact a distributor or use the internet business site, where you will also find detoxification sets and packages, designed to treat most common ailments.


Detoxification for everyone

This new educational project is intended for all fans of managed and controlled detoxification. Familiarize yourself with current trends in caring for your health.

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