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Toxins and detoxification

Toxins and detoxification

What are toxins and how to remove them from the body

According to the method of managed and controlled detoxification, health problems are caused by various types of toxins, which are deposited in the human body by the environment, lifestyle, or due to personal metabolic processes.

The most common toxins include:

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  • environmental toxins (chemical substances, toxic metals and their compounds, radioactive compounds)
  • individual food intolerances
  • metabolism disorders and metabolic toxins
  • infectious microbial lesions and their toxins
  • emotional toxins (stress, fear, aggression, feeling of guilt, experienced life trauma, etc.)
  • medications, drugs

The human body is equipped with natural defense mechanisms which eliminate toxins. These processes may be impaired by so-called toxic emotions (blocked emotional conflict, emotional deprivation, stress, and others). As a result, this leads to the accumulation of toxins in tissues and to the creation of physical and psychological ailments. These toxins must therefore be eliminated from tissues together with these blocking emotions. Using Joalis preparations, it is possible to renew the natural self-cleaning abilities of the human body and thus to return the body to health.

Managed and controlled detoxification is not a method of treatment and Joalis preparations are not medications. However, they assist the organism in renewing its self-healing ability.


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